How to learn polish ? Polish classes for kids with Speech Therapist


More than half the world’s population is now bilingual. Bilingualism or multilingualism is the phenomenon of speaking and understanding two or more languages.

Bilingual and multilingual children usually need more time to achieve fluency in two or more languages than their monolingual peers. Over time however, children from bilingual homes tend to bounce back and may even derive special advantages from growing up in a household where two or more languages are spoken. Parents who are unsure or have doubts about their child’s development should consult an expert and remember that language development is a complex process that takes time and some children will simply develop these skills at different rates.

Our workshops are dedicated to bilingual children who:

– have limited vocabulary in Polish,

– have difficulty reaching fluency in Polish,

– do not pronounce Polish sounds correctly due to transfer from other language,

– came to Poland from other countries and began education in Polish schools,

– have difficulties with reading, writing, orthography and grammar,

– have speech impediments,

– have problems with understanding spoken Polish,– have speech development delays.

Exercises and activities are tailored to meet the needs of individual children. During workshops children will:

– improve pronunciation

– increase vocabulary

– become more confident in Polish language

Our classes are conducted by a Polish Speech Therapist who speaks English and German.

The Speech Therapist will help to define a problem and create an individualized therapy program after their firstmeeting.

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